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MagniFiX is a (very) small example illustrating the JavaFX transparent stage (Undecorator).

I wrote this sample just for fun, so hope you’ll enjoy it! This is basic desktop magnifier:

If you’re interested, here are the Sources and, of course, the executable DemoJar to play with it!

Have fun with JavaFX

See you next year!





Undecorator – update

Back to Undecorator, with little code cleaning, bug fixing and comments added.
As mini feature, a direct access to fullscreen mode via a button in the window “title” bar:

Fullscreen button on title bar

Fullscreen button on title bar

The UndecoratorSceneDemo and UndecoratorStageDemo now includes an example for the UTILITY stage mode.

As a reminder the difference between those 2 demos are:

  • UndecoratorStageDemo: Use directly the Undecorator class as an helper to enhance your existing apps
  • UndecoratorSceneDemo: Use the UndecoratorScene class which replace your Scene, code is more simpler.

To see the Utility stage mode, just press the “Show Utility stage” button and…

Show utility stage button

Show utility stage button

An undecorated utility stage appears with its capabilities.

Utility window

Utility window


Executable jar file is still here:  macJar

and to access to the code, project and binaries it’s still there:github-logo-transparent

Still to investigate:

  • Behavior with Java8 (visual artifacts)
  • Menus are not displayed on fullscreen mode on MacOS: They are displayed “under” the main window.

Stay tuned ’till next update 🙂
Have a nice summerFX to you all.