MagniFiX is a (very) small example illustrating the JavaFX transparent stage (Undecorator).

I wrote this sample just for fun, so hope you’ll enjoy it! This is basic desktop magnifier:

If you’re interested, here are the Sources and, of course, the executable DemoJar to play with it!

Have fun with JavaFX

See you next year!




  1. #1 by Chuck Norris on 25/01/2015 - 09:13

    Certainly glad I am learning JavaFx. Looking back now, Swing looks almost like child play compared to this. In regards to this magnifier thing, I was just about to ask if JavaFX has a Camera feature built into it and I decided to try it in NetBeans and Yup! It does! The Future looks bright and promising, thanks for sharing this

  1. MagniFiX | Dinesh Ram Kali.

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