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MagniFiX is a (very) small example illustrating the JavaFX transparent stage (Undecorator).

I wrote this sample just for fun, so hope you’ll enjoy it! This is basic desktop magnifier:

If you’re interested, here are the Sources and, of course, the executable DemoJar to play with it!

Have fun with JavaFX

See you next year!





Undecorator Bis

Transparent and rounded!

A new version of my JavaFX window decoration API. This time focused on the transparency and non-rectangular window.

Jar is here and sources are available on GitHub.

You can directly execute the jar if your security settings allow you or type:

java -jar UndecoratorBis.jar

By default, your transparent stage will look like this:

Look at demoapp/ for this sample.



If you want to customize the stage background, you can play with these CSS settings:

 The Stage background.
-fx-fill: radial-gradient(focus-angle 45deg, focus-distance 20%, center 25% 25%, radius 50%, reflect, #eeeeee88, #aaaaaa88 75%, gray);
-fx-stroke-width: 0;
Defines the rectangle responsible for the shadow
-fx-fill: black;
-fx-stroke-width: 0;

And apply them on the scene:


You can get something like this:


Have fun with it! and…

That’s all for 2014!