ThreeDOM is dead, long live to ThreeDOM in ScenicView!

In my previous post I presented a new kind of 3D visualization for 2D GUI called ThreeDOM.

The bad news is that I’ll stop working on it 😦  Ooooohhhh…as a standalone jar!

The good news is that it’s now part of the great ScenicView tool !

Announced last JavaOne by Jonathan Giles, ScenicView is now open sourced and so, this is my humble contribution to this project.

Have fun with it, and send me your feedbacks and enhancements requests or directly contribute here: !


ThreeDOM in ScenicView

ThreeDOM in ScenicView


  1. #1 by Shebla on 24/05/2015 - 20:39

    Did this ever get merged into the main ScenicView 8.0.0 release? I can’t seem to find the functionality…

    • #2 by arnaud nouard on 26/05/2015 - 16:54

      Yes, it is merged into ScenicView 8.
      Not sure about the binaries you could download. They could be older.

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