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Undecorator – Automn enhancements

Hi Folks!

For my next application development I needed a refresh of the Undecorator helper, so here are the details of the enhancements:

Title bar


Title bar label


How to display the title set on the stage:

public void start(final Stage primaryStage) throws Exception {
primaryStage = stage;
// Set the title before to create the Undecorator class
primaryStage.setTitle("Undecorator Scene Demo");
UndecoratorScene undecoratorScene = new UndecoratorScene(primaryStage, root);

New dock feedback

And many issues fixed… and found :-):

      JavaFX bugs  (Mac only):

  • Set stage as fullscreen using Keyboard accelerator (Ctrl+Cmd+F) crashes JVM
  • KeyCombination does not respect keyboard’s locale (i.e. always QWERTY key code)
  • Multi screen: On second screen JFX returns wrong values, e.g. MinY ==300 (?!)

Check this out!

Executable jar file is still here:  macJar

and to access to the code, project and binaries it’s still there:github-logo-transparent

That’s all for today and stay tuned for my next JavaFX App announcement :-)!